Adam is in-demand as a speaker for groups and organizations around the country speaking on

  •      Business Jazz
  •      Music as a Martial Art
  •      The Arts Will Save Education 

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Business Jazz:  Improve the work of your company's teams through a structured improvisation model.  Jazz musicians know many things which team managers would like their teams to do.  From anticipating signals to knowing when to think outside the box, the analogy of jazz to business will surprise you, entertain you, and change the way you do business.

Music as a Martial Art:  Discover how music instruction changes the way you think about yourself.  Learning an instrument is far more useful to you than simply helping you show off.  Think of it as a mental martial art in which you defeat the enemies in your own mind.

The Arts Will Save Education:  In today's educational landscape, learning to think like a musician is exactly what school administrators are looking for.  They just don't know it yet.  Learn how all the things schools say they want their kids to achieve, higher test scores, better reading comprehension, come about automatically when you equip their music teachers to succeed


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